Marvels of Travel

“Do not start your worldly life too late; Do not start your spiritual life too early” is an old adage.But travel is the one thing that fits very well into both lives. Travel in the journey of human life played an indispensable role especially in evolution and history. It helped men to find new water resources, thus led to rise of civilisation; changed the course of wars, overthrown and restored regimes, inspired men to explore the unseen lands, waters and horizons, initiated and increased trades, boosted economies and what not. One way or the other, Travelling has always enticed men with its marvels.

Travel in the journey of life

Travel in the journey of life

This jogs my memory about childhood vacation days. Those were my salad days, the fun-filled gathering awaited by all my friends and cousins. It is funny to remember the times elders used to comment that it was difficult to travel to places with kids. I never gave an ounce of thought to the fact that I was one of those kids when I was young 🙂 🙂 .

It took many years later to realise and pursue my passion to travel.

I did not consider myself as a traveller then. When I grew older, I began to travel more and found the tourer inside me. While the travelling with friends is fun , having a trip with family gives you quality time and memories you can relish for a long time. Travelling alone gives you a brand new experience, confidence and a new perspective of the world without influences.

Travelling unleashes your potential, opens the inner eye, reveals your strength, makes you realise the privileges you have, reminds the importance of near and dear ones; where you stand in the world, what you want in the life; provides a perfect opportunity to unwind and have fun. I defy anyone not to find their interest satiated by travelling.

Spectacular Grand Canyon

Spectacular Grand Canyon

The soothing vista of tall and dense trees while crossing Sathyamangalam forest on a bus; the undulating countryside view during the train journey en route Bangalore; the fresh smell of mud on Tanjore paddy fields amidst the disinterested chattering in a crowded bus; Refreshing sight of vibrant flowers adorned avenues on a bicycle ride; the majestic South Indian temples, forts and their intricate sculptures, the reminiscent evidence of cross-cultural architecture; squalor of abandoned old buildings; naturally beautiful Kerala that defies description; the ragged coastline of Chennai; grandeur of Kallanai as a testimony to the ancient engineering; breathtaking U-bends of Yelagiri; beautiful scenic landscape of Yercaud with undefined slippery trekking paths and inaccessible places; the arid Sonoran deserts; dynamic sand dunes of Port Stephens; boulders of Sedona; its adventurous off-road jeep tour and beautiful San Diego; Nature smitten, abundantly blessed and pristine New Zealand, Its turquoise hue shorelines and lush green countryside like an artistic painting, the diverse and unique flora & fauna and landscapes of Oceania inspired me to explore more and provided opportunities to be myself; what I am right there and then.

Port Stephens

Port Stephens

All these trips and travel have been fun, adventurous, worth try expeditions, exotic and few offbeat experiences.

Beautiful Blue Mountains

Beautiful Blue Mountains

While the snow-capped mountain stood out in the sharp relief against the blue sky gave me the hope, Cactus flower in the rugged and arid deserts asserted the meaning of thriving, While the sapling in the rock crack instilled the meaning of determination, the reeds in the riverside enacted the story of humble politeness, while the vastness of blue sky reminded me that I am just a dot and insignificance in the façade of universe, the polluted seashore reminded me the importance and role of individual in the nature, Horizons, the strenuous climb on Mountain trails and valleys inculcated the urge to connect with nature now and then..

Tonto Bridge - the largest natural travertine bridge

Tonto Bridge – the largest natural travertine bridge

Above all these it made me broad-minded and to accept people and places as they are and explore the nations and cultures without influences. As the maxim goes, “The further one goes, the less (one realizes he/she) one knows.” – Couldn’t have said it better. So Let’s cogitate on backpacking and be enthralled by its marvels !!



A general question to you : How is your travel so far? shush..Not to tell me. Answer yourself . The answer would reveal your inner self truly and deeply to you !!



Drifting moonlight though the window

Gentle Breeze’s humming and buzzing lullaby

It’s divine to rest on the lap of mother night

About the time were the eyelids touched each other

Thoughts surface like a soft fragile feather first,

Then train of thoughts,

Now something fierce like racing horses.

I silently slipped out making way to the hall

Not cared to switch on the lights

Sliding to the window overseeing the two cross streets from the above

Glanced from one end to other end of the street through the leaves and shadows of the trees

The streets were aloof except a swarm of night flies

Mind abandoned the racing of thoughts

The pristine calm and serenity of night kept a tight rein on the crazy thoughts

Slowly drinking in the calmness and beauty of sky and trees

The slow dance of leaves

Barely sprinkled stars on the sky

Me-time amidst all the hassle bustle of everyday life

Cared not to disturb the children in the house by moving here and there

The ticking of clock restated its midnight

Thought if someone accidentally gets up and get afraid of the shadow

The low gentle snoring from the downstairs assured everyone was well blessed by sleep angel

Gradually mind replayed the life’s important, insignificant, glorious, nice and adventurous moments

Again the clock ticking reminded me the time

‘Must have been well past midnight

Quickly, dutifully the morning schedule ran in front of my eyes

“Must sleep” lips parted silently and uttered

who cares!!We Don’t get offbeat time often with responsibilities and daily chores

Come to think of it, Inner self contented

Its bliss to get a flash of insight

Mind unwinds and solutions get unfolded in this calm

Drifted off after found the much needed answer

With an empty pot of questions

Glissandi on Ice

                       Being an ardent fan of Figure skating I have always dreamt of performing ice skating. When I see the artistic skaters perform acrobatic special figures and ballet on ice, I get frozen with those movements and their artistry.

                       The moment came to try my hand, not really.. To be technically precise, my foot on Ice skating. The dream began to crystallize by the outset of winter festival. We, friends booked in for ice skating session in the winter festival. My eyes started filling in with stars.

                        I asked my friend who booked the ticket about the dress code. All of my friends teased me for worrying too much for a fun activity. Yeah..After all we are going to have fun!! So I gave my queries back seat and started clearing my calendar instead for the Skating day.

                         We arrived at the venue. The rink was perfect, everything was arranged and organized neatly. Time to collect the ice boots. We all checked the fit and comfort. Here came the tricky part!! we had to walk in that shoes all the way to the rink. Considering this being all ours first time, I wondered how we could manage to balance and stand on those boots , let alone walking.

                         With this perception, we buckled up the boots and then slowly tried to stand up as a toddler does. But It was really not so tough to walk in those shoes and so it gave us much confidence needed.

                         The rink had very smooth surface, We did find difficult to balance initially during the first round. None of us fell down thanks to the support rope provided. The music was medley of contemporary pop songs and remixed oldies. Wonderful to watch kids easily sliding across and the duos performing the routines.

                          Gosh!! A teenage boy who had been performing riskier and super rad routines fell down near me. As an act of instinct I helped him to stand up and forgot to hold on to the support railing. Then I realized I could balance without support. Tried to attempt few of the well known routines , there came to my help was one instructor. She advised me not to keen on controlling my legs and movements. “Let it Slide and sail along with it!!”

                        What a wonderful advice it is!! This piece kept ringing in my ear till I finish one more round on my own. After seeing me, all of my friends also joined with me . This time we all glided together in sync. It is always joy to do things together, isn’t it!!Few of us had a few spills, but always got up with a smile on their face.  It was a success! Not to mention, it is just fun to try few ballet steps.
                         All together it was a wonderful experience being out there, Feeling the coldness and ice under the feet and Trying to swirl around !!

                         After all, variation is indeed the spice of happiness in life. It’s so easy to get bogged down with our never-ending to-do lists that we often forget to make time for the things we love to do. Used my new found time to do something I have always wanted to try and indeed I did enjoy it.


There was a time

when I used to pour my thoughts as scribbles on paper

Notebooks, whatever paper form available to the little girl, In days of Yore!!

A girl with eyes glittering with full of dreams!!

Found the treasure chest of material..dug out my old poem written during my 3rd standard when I was on my vacation this year

A forgotten habit or purposely abandoned one, fondly remembered it

My train of thoughts went to the college days when I stopped scribbling my thoughts on paper

When my mom read all those and witnessed the struggles I had to go through

The pain in her eyes for not being able to put my mind at ease or help me , brought me to a determined decision

That I would stop writing..Again this time she showed me the remaining papers which were survived all these years in the old attic

Even after all my furious sprees to completely destroy my writings and consigned them to the wastebasket..

Came to think of it, it was a joy when I read aloud my first ever poem over the family lunch!!

Writing dreams and thoughts running through our head gives us a space to step aside

It works as a lens to the camera..To step away from everyone’s “me” perspective

Here the question came from my mom, just before boarding the flight back to here

“Are you still Writing?” I stared into her eyes and told “I will”!!